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Electronic Repair

Tubes and transistor amps for guitar and bass. Keyboards , digital or analog, Speakers, active or passive...



We offer complete services for strings instruments repair and maintenance. For a simple adjustment or major repair...


Vintage Organs and keyboards

We do maintenance, repair and complete refurbish of vintage hammond organ and vintage keyboards...

Repair Shop

Infos & pricing

  1. Evaluation   -  35$ - Per unit. This fee will be deducted if you accept the repair quote prepared by our technician. 
  2. Rate   - 60$/h - Generally, your equipment will be seen and repaired by our technicians within 10 working days.  This waiting period may however be exceeded when parts are out of stock at our suppliers.
  3. Garantee   - Our guarantee: 30 days on parts and labor. 
    Do not hesitate to entrust us with your equipment.
  4. Emergency   - In case of emergency, we can put your equipment in priority for an extra fee of 50$


Infos & Pricing

String replacement

Electric guitar & bass:  20$
12 strings:  30$
Tremolo:  30$
Classical guitar, mandoline and banjo: 30$
Ukulele: 15$CONTENT$nbsp;


Included: String replacements, truss rod adjustment, strings height, frets light polish, cleaning, tone adjustment. 

Electric and acoustic bass and guitar: 65$
Guitar and bass requiring the removal of the neck
for reinforcing rod adjustment: 75$
Tremolo (unlock bridge) 75$
Tremolo (lock bridge) 85$
12 Strings 85$

Replacement of the nut of head

Adjustment necessary when changing the nut.

6 strings guitars: 35$ + adjustement
4 Strings Bass: 30$ + adjustement
Mandoline: 45$ + adjustement
Banjo and ukulele: 30$ + adjustement
Lock head nut: 30$ + ajustement.

Organ & vintage keyboards

Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Clavinet

Hammond B3
Hammond B3

Your instrument is legendary!
And we treat them with great care.

We perform the repair and maintenance of Hammond organs as well as vintage keyboards  and pianos such as Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet.

Do not hesitate to ask us for an evaluation.


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